The Thirteen Qualities

All 13 qualities of Oneness create Christ Consciousness, as reflected in Christ Yeshuas Being, integrating all 12 Apostles and Masters within the 13th - Himself.

Christ Consciousness integrates the qualities of Ruthless Compassion and Divine Will as embodied by the Prophets Elijah and John the Baptist. Christ embodied these qualities, for not only did he give himself completely to God with his own will 'let thy Will be done' and heart, but united his and the Fathers Will as One.

He became the Father; he Became God, which is Gods Will for all of us. He embodied this Divine Power as the fuel and engine of love, and exercised ruthless compassion: the ability to cut through the ego and only serve the best interests of another's soul, even if it was painful or judged to be 'wrong.'

Christ Consciousness embodies the qualities of embracing, Mothering and unconditional love, traveling into the deepest darkness and bringing love there out of compassion. These qualities were embodied by Mother Mary and her Higher Self, the Great Goddess Isis in their embrace and compassion for all life. Christovercame the shadow of darkness, and the fear of keeping the heart closed, in order to do so.

Christ Consciousness embodies Forgiveness and humility, the return to Original Wholeness, the way of 'forgiving all so we may heal all.' In forgiveness, one forgives yourself for believing the world can be used in any way to get anything at all, or that there was ever a need to. Forgiveness sees that no harm has ever been done, and the 'other' is innocent.

The two people who embodied true forgiveness and humility as a dynamic divine quality are the Apostle John Zebedee, and the Master Paramahamsa Yogananda. In forgiveness and humility one overcomes the shadow side of false humility, projection, blame, guilt and shame, in order to step into true mastery.

Christ Consciousness embodies True Service, serving all beings with the totality of your body, mind, and soul. In Service, there is nothing left to do, or be, save this. The female Apostle Martha embodied Service, for to truly serve another becomes the obvious and natural expression of the free flowing life force, of joy itself, when one sees that the other is but an aspect, a part, a reflection, of you. There is only god giving to god through what was once thought to be self. Christ Consciousness overcomes selfishness, lack of passion, confusion and doubt in order to serve ones hearts desire, which is true service, as joy.

Christ Consciousness embodies emptiness, compassion, gratitude and harmlessness, as Christ loves all, and serves all. Christ could face the greatest violence, torture and suffering imaginable, as love without attachment places us in harmlessness. The Master Kwan Yin embodies this aspect as part of the Divine Feminine, a wisdom that is empty of attachment and full of love.

Christ Consciousness embodies the direct experience of Holy Faith as he knew not what was to happen, or how it would ; he just knew that it would happen. He united all the strands of the Body of Christ through the deepest alchemy, weaving together all the streams of life and transforming the obstacles to Being within the vessel of his own flesh and blood. Apostle Joseph of Aramathea and the Master St Germain embody these qualities, and Yeshua had to overcome cynicism, fear, and temptation in order to do this.

Christ Consciousness embodies Surrender, following the silent wisdom of the heart through all things. This can be the easiest act for the soul, and the hardest thing to do for the ego ; to let go. Apostle John the Beloved and Lord Kuthumi embodied this. Christ used power to stabilize in surrender, overcoming fear, doubt, sloth and inertia in order to do so.

Christ Consciousness embodies Holy Desire and Holy Love, in desire for Union with God, with partner, and by sharing the fruits of these Unions with all who came to them in the overflowing healing, teachings, and sharing actions of Holy Love. Christ fully includes his, and her, own personal side in this embrace, holding it all in the softness of compassion and inclusiveness.

Christ leaves nothing out in his/ her full feeling of both personal and impersonal. How else was he / her to know the human condition, and serve its flowering? The Master Lady Nada, the Higher Self of Mary Magdalene, helped him to overcome co dependency and attachment on every level in order to do so.

Christ Consciousness embodies the Feminine Power of Fertility and Manifestation, the Power of Co Creation with God, with the Earth, with the ancient lineages of Mothers, the ancient Goddess lineages that have been on Earth since the beginning of creation. In this Power of Co-creation the seeds were planted for the Christ Blueprint to anchor and flourish Now, to birth from the womb of creation.

Co-creation is the basis of an enlightened civilization, where there are many Christs working together, not just one. The Apostle Salome and her Higher Self the Goddess Ishtar helped Yeshua in this connection, assisting him to overcome, as we all must do, lust, competitiveness, and male-female inequality in order to do so.

Christ Consciousness grounds, anchors, and makes real, here on Earth, its Presence through lived action. Just as Yeshua needed to connect with the Lineage of ancient Mothers throughout history, so he had to connect to its masculine equivalent through the vehicle of Apostle Peter, a Priest of Lord Melchizedek. This Master created the Melchizedek Priesthood many millennia before Yeshua, a Priesthood dedicated to the creation of love and wisdom on the Earth plane through dedicated service.

Apostle Peter was the first to recognize Yeshua as Christ. In recognizing another's fullness, one draws out their soul in unexpected ways, bringing their soul into full manifestation on Earth. Yeshua overcame the temptation of control and the imbalance of the patriarchy, in order to do so.

Christ Consciousness embodies the Witnessing quality of pure consciousness, as he saw all that was happening around him with a single eye. In this Witnessing, all could be seen for what it truly was, without the body-mind or emotions colouring or distorting anything. This Seeing of the big picture, of the One, without emotion, enables every part of the Body of Christ to fulfill its role.

This in turn allowed Yeshua, and us, to access the power of regeneration, the power of Resurrection, as embodied by the Master Babaji. Yeshua overcame the shadowside of witness consciousness, isolation and separation into the mind, in order to do so.

Christ Consciousness embodies Holy Law, the Law of the Ages, the Law of Evolution, the evolutionary drive that pushes humanity forwards into its next unfolding. The Apostle Simon Zealot embodied this fierce, deep passion for evolution, which is why he was guided by Prophet Moses.

Moses was the forerunner of Yeshua in the Covenant that God made with humans, where 'God made humans in his own image.' To live in Holy Law, Yeshua lived totally in the moment, whilst following the previous impulses of Creation and the Divine Plan as laid down by Moses in order to do so.

Christ Consciousness embodies the Diamond Mind of Creative Intelligence, clarity, discernment and lightning power of penetration. This Diamond Mind manifests in navigating, and seeing through, the Law of the Mirror. The Mirror is where the projection of our minds, and wounds, gets displayed onto the world and people around us as reflection of ourselves, and our own creations.

This Law of the Mirror, so beautifully played by Apostle Judas, states that everything on Earth is diametrically opposed to the Kingdom of Heaven. When our projections are seen, owned, and forgiven, they dissolve into a greater flowing of love, and acceptance in us through clarity and love.

Archangel Lucifer, the Higher Self of Judas, is the creator of polarity according to Divine Will. Polarity is vital in order to manifest matter, the earth, and creation. Without it there would be no matter, no yin and yang. Lucifer has played this role, of creating through polarity, throughout history in obedience to Gods Will, for which he has been vilified and judged for because of peoples own projections about the nature and purpose of light and dark.

To learn and integrate this crucial dynamic that allows us to live fully embodied on Earth, in sovereign freedom, with full acceptance of matter, of earth, of the feminine, Yeshua had to overcame persecution, judgment, pride, and vanity.

Christ Consciousness embodies the Divine Child of innocence and openness that has the ability to touch all peoples regardless of race, religion, culture, caste or creed. Yeshua set the foundation to allow the Indigo and Golden Children to be able to arrive on Earth today. To do this Yeshua had to overcome the feeling of being too far ahead of his time, and instead grounded all that he was fully into all times, being 'all that was, is, and will be.'

In order to fully integrate Christ Consciousness, Yeshua, and all of us, have to over come the Anti Christ force : the full embodiment of all the shadow sides of the 12 Apostles, the 12 shadow qualities of Christ Consciousness, the 12 lessons we need to integrate in order to live a loving, healed, and blessed life.

Using the Christ Blueprint to navigate through Life allows us to see the totality of Christ Mind ; all the aspects that create Christ. In this seeing of all aspects, we can allow ourselves to become fluid and embody each of the different qualities of Christ Consciousness in any moment. In this, we become Centered in the One Self, and allow the limitless to take hold in our lives, fulfilling the Promise stated so clearly by Yeshua :

You are Christ